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“Without music, life would be a mistake”

Friedrich Nietzsche.


I blame my mother. My life has been surrounded by music since I can remember. Everything. Pop, classical, big band, you name it, I heard it. And loved it all. Well, nearly all.


I have been very, very lucky to have worked with some amazing bands and solo artists, blessed with at least a modicum of ability to play enough instruments to some degree and the good fortune to have gained enough insight to be able to craft a finished work that I can be proud of.


My love of technology and music together and my decades of experience in studios have helped me feel comfortable whether recording blues, rock, pop, a voice over, a string quartet or a choir. (Or even a hypnotherapist)


Whatever the genre, whatever the project, I am always happy to help make the world sound better.

Dave Armstrong





Music Lover

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