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    Media production with a creative vision


Over 30 years of producing music and video on the beautiful Isle of Man


From demo recordings to mastered albums

From short films and corporate content to award-winning feature documentaries


David Armstrong, the founder and director of DAM Productions has over 30 years of experience producing music and film.

“It started with music. It cocooned and shaped my life for as long as I can remember. The dream of having my own recording studio was realised and filmmaking seemed a natural extension. 

David directed and co-produced the highly regarded documentary

THE WATCHMAKER’S APPRENTICE. This achieved initial UK distribution on NETFLIX. The film also screened in Tribeca, supported by the British consulate in the USA and has become the definitive story of the greatest watchmakers of the modern era.

Along with Christy DeHaven, he co-founded the Isle of Man Film Festival and the MannIn Shorts training scheme.  David served on the Isle of Man Arts Council for 4 years and is a key figure in the development of film and media production in the Isle of Man.

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Acclaimed Writer producer, Alistair Audsley has had a close working relationship with Dave for many years now, having worked on several high profile projects including the UK's GREAT CAMPAIGN that featured celebrated watchmaker, Roger Smith.

Alistair was a co-producer and writer on DAM PRODUCTIONS' The Watchmaker's Apprentice" and is, as a writer, currently in development for several major film and television projects.



Isabella has over 26 years experience in administration, finance and all things business.


With over 7 years experience in digital marketing, Isabella has taken on the role of administrator of all things digital and online with DAM.


With this background of web design and digital communications, Isabella has the uphill battle of shaping the online presence and visibility of DAM.

Dave and Isabella are currently working on a key international environmental film and social media project.

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More DAM MUSIC Partners

MARK BRABBS - Drummer & Producer, worked together with Dave in crafting a fantastic initial body of work for our G8CRASH music artist, Mae Challis. Dave and Mark are fellow directors of G8Crash. For anyone old enough, Mark was a member of the heavy metal band TANK.


BOB MILLER - Bob’s long and successful career in music management and invaluable ability to act as a sounding board on many of the quality projects produced here, have helped shape the output of DAM over many years: from Back Door Slam to the opportunity to work with one of the world’s finest vocal performers, Christine Collister.


SIMON REA -working with the very talented Simon on the three Truman Falls albums as well as numerous creative musical ventures over many years has been a huge influence on the quality of production and arrangements from DAM studios.

Music Mixing

More DAM FILM Partners

DAVE MOUSLEY has been a key figure in the development of film, television and media in the Isle of Man. With a lifetime of experience in the industry, twice Bafta winning Dave Mousley is currently working with Dave and Alistair on their projects in development.


JOHN CRAINE is David’s favourite cinematographer. After working together on Dave’s first acclaimed shorts, Ghostgirl, David and John have collaborated on many projects and are planning to work together on many more.


JOHN RHYS DAVIES. After working together on recording many voice recordings with John, David and John are now working together with Alistair Audsley on the development of several film projects, both on and off the Isle of Man.


DANNY LACEY. Danny is a filmmaker based in Wakefield and director of TV & media company Stada Media. Danny and Dave have a long history of working together of projects- especially on short film projects as director/cinematographer partnerships.

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Christy was a key part of DAM for 15 years. Working alongside Dave Armstrong, she helped create and run the MannIN Shorts film training scheme, is a co-founder and director of the Isle Of Man Film Festival, assisted in running and managing indie music labels Stereoscout and Loverboy Records and was an integral part in the management and creative side of projects. She became the go-to editor for much of her time at DAM.     


Christy’s filmmaking credits include:


The Watchmakers Apprentice:(CO-Writer/Editor, 2nd camera)


Directed by Dave Armstrong, this was truly a team effort, with a core team led by Co-producers Christy DeHaven and Zoe Guilford. Christy worked alongside Alistair Audsley and Roy McMillan on the writing team and took the helm at the editing desk - a mammoth task in itself, fine-tuning the telling of the definitive film about George Daniels and his apprentice Roger Smith. 


Island Bound.(Co Writer/Editor, 2nd camera)


Produced for the Isle of Man Arts Council and Culture Vannin for “2014, Year of our Island”, this film followed blues musician Davy Knowles as he discovered the links between his beloved blues and his celtic heritage. Filmed over many months in the UK, France and the USA and directed by Dave Armstrong, the film was again edited by Christy DeHaven and featured interviews with Peter Frampton, Richard Thompson, Mark Kermode and many more.


1979: A Very Manx Millennium(Writer/Editor)


This was the definitive story of the celebration of 1000 years of the Isle of Man’s political history and independence, as told by those who contributed to the celebrations.


Christine Collister XX (Editor)


A beautiful retrospective of the life and work of celebrated Manx Songbird, Christine Collister and her Journey as one of the worlds most respected vocalists and performers.

In addition, Christy was the copywriter for promotional campaigns and created the artwork for numerous albums, posters and merchandise. Her musicianship and vocal performances led to contributions with Davy Knowles and Peter Frampton, Truman Falls and Anna Goldsmith and her beautiful debut album, Girl Undone was produced, recorded and arranged by Dave Armstrong.

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The Isle of Man

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"At the very heart of the British Isles beats a very special and even magical island. It is my home now and has been for over 30 years.

Its beauty never ceases to inspire and influence my creative juices. Moving here was about the best decision I have ever made.

If you haven't been, come feel it for yourself."

Dave A

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